Latest CabLab PhD

Congratulations to CabLab researcher Dean Vuksanovic, whose PhD thesis has been approved after examination. Dean’s thesis, titled “Empirical Foundations of Dignity Therapy: Comparing Dignity Therapy with Life Review for Palliative Care Patients” was supervised by Dr Heather Green, Prof Murray Dyck, and Prof Shirley Morrissey. The thesis has already resulted in 3 publications with a total of 26 citations so far, e.g.,  his main randomised controlled trial at this link.

Understanding Changes in Thinking and Memory Associated with Cancer

Cancer Council Australia recently released a new fact sheet called Understanding changes in thinking and memory. Dr Green was one of the collaborators who helped to produce this factsheet, which is the first of its kind in the world that provides free, online, evidence based information about this issue which affects some (but not all) people who have cancer or who have previously been treated for cancer.

Treating skin cancer with HPV vaccines

A recent case report in JAMA Dermatology discusses successful experimental treatment of skin cancer in a 97 year-old woman, using a vaccine for human papilloma virus (HPV).

This was a individual case rather than a formal clinical trial, but it is great to see the intersection between research and clinical practice where patients can benefit and so can other clinicians and researchers. More details of the case can be found here.


Postgraduate Scholarships in Rehabilitation

Expressions of Interest for The Hopkins Centre HDR Scholarships are open until 31 July 2018

Are you passionate about making a difference to the services that people with lifelong spinal cord injuries or brain injuries receive?

Then, submit your EOI for the TRaCE longitudinal cohort study scholarship which is tracking rehabilitation service use.

Or are you interested in building evidence based research to support bold ideas and better solutions in rehabilitation?

Then, submit your EOI for the HDR scholarship in nursing on any aspect of nursing related to rehabilitation workforce pertinent to a rehabilitation health care setting.

Click here for further information or go to to review the complete scholarship application process.

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