Dr Heather Green is a clinical psychologist, health psychologist, and academic. She is the Director of Clinical Psychology Programs and Senior Lecturer in the School of Applied Psychology at Griffith University, Australia. Her research focuses on quality of life and self-management for people who are living with or at risk of chronic illnesses, such as cancer. Specific emphases include assessing, understanding and managing cognitive impairments associated with cancer; and lifestyle management, such as optimising physical activity and nutrition. She is Associate Editor of the Australian Journal of Psychology and an editorial board member for Psychology and Health.




Karthika Balaji is a paediatric dentist who works for Queensland Health.

Thesis title: Supporting children with Autism Spectrum Disorders to accept dental treatment in a dental setting

Tawanda Machingura is an occupational therapist and Assistant Professor in Occupational Therapy at Bond University.

Thesis title: The effectiveness of sensory modulation in adults with schizophrenia


Cassandra Burford (Master of Clinical Psychology)

Thesis title: The clinical utility of neuropsychological tests in the assessment of women with breast cancer

Brett Carter (Master of Clinical Psychology)

Thesis title: Freud never recommended running.” Psychologists and their physical activity and exercise counselling

Rosalyn Foo (Master of Clinical Psychology)

Thesis title: Professional identity formation for post-graduate clinical psychology students

Chantelle Pin (Master of Clinical Psychology)

Thesis title: Effectiveness of an individual-based cognitive rehabilitation intervention for adult cancer survivors in a clinical setting: A pilot study

Ronette Pinto (Master of Clinical Psychology)

Thesis title: Feedback preferences regarding assessment of cognitive functioning in cancer survivors

Damian Vann (Master of Clinical Psychology)

Thesis title: Efficacy of a brief module for helping health practitioners to work with non-binary clients


Erin Poulden

Thesis title: Does subjective cognitive impairment relate to work difficulty and financial toxicity when psychological distress and fatigue are controlled for in cancer survivors?

David Stanyer

Thesis title: Psychology student satisfaction: evaluating institutional, teaching, and student factors



Liam Aiken (Research Assistant, ReCogF project 2019-2020)

Gal Bohadana (Research Psychologist, ReCogF project 2019-2020)

Chelsea Marsh (Research Assistant, ReCogF project 2019-2020)